I have been doing DSLR photography since 2007. I love it, and I like being able to express certain passions of mine through the medium of photography. I have experience shooting all kinds things, including: weddings, newborns, birthdays, parties, family portraits, funerals (yes, funerals), MMA events, school portraits, etc... But my biggest passion is wildlife, and my specialty--if I have one--is wild horses.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Onaqui Wild Horses Part 1

It was so hot this day; 101 degrees when I arrived, only to see the entire herd stampeding, being chased around by some jackass's Doberman Pincher dog. Needless to say, I gave the guy a piece of my mind; not only was he harassing wild animals with a dog, he was harassing a federally protected species. Anyway, with the heat, and all that running, the stallions were feeling extra ornery and short-tempered; fighting was rampant for a couple of hours, until they were all able to cool off down at one of the watering holes.
I love their crazy manes in this shot.
I cropped in on this shot a bit, to be able to show you the intensity of these fights. In those struggles for dominance, among the competing stallions, they literally "go for the jugular."
Trying to woo a few new ladies.
Some good relief from the hot sun, and dry, dusty desert.


  1. I love these images Wade.

    I don't like the jerk with the dog though.

    1. No kidding, Mia. Believe me; he got an earful from me. Acted like his dog just got away from them, but I witnessed him and his buddy further up the hill shooting guns, and they couldn't have cared less about the dog, and they knew full well it was running those horses and colts around in 100 degree heat.

  2. I'm so happy you aren't afraid to tell people off, Wade. I also had someone come out with a dog and he nearly got his little dog trampled! Sometimes people have no sense. Keep up the good work and let's meet out there one day!